Join us for Spotlight on Alternative Energy

Join us for Spotlight on Alternative Energy

Join us for a discussion and exchange of ideas focusing on alternative energy. Dr. Ed Nowicki from the University of Calgary will be joining us to speak on small-scale hydro power and how it impacts rural health in Nepal.


About Dr. Nowicki:

Dr. Nowicki is an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Calgary. His current research projects are focus on switch-mode power converter design for alternative energy sources.

Recently, Dr. Nowicki received a Sustainability Award from the University of Calgary for his work in small-scale hydro power for rural health in Nepal. Through a Grand Challenges Canada grant, Dr. Nowicki and his collaborator were able to test their hydroelectricity concept that provides clean drinking water to a village in Nepal. 148 homes have been involved in the pilot which demonstrated that turbine speed regulation can be achieved with a power controller in each village home. The controllers could monitor energy use so that excess energy could then be diverted to other needs, such as pasteurizing water and cooking food.

Extending their knowledge to build capacity, Nowicki and his collaborator are utilizing their experiences gained in Nepal to deliver coursework that develops critical thinking and emphasizes foresightedness by encouraging an approach to sustainability in a systems context. They also teach a graduate-level summer course in renewable energy to local engineers and managers in Ethiopia.